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Chinese Stamps God - Fu Lu Shou

The rise of China, people of other nations who maintain a force of conviction, the symbolic meanings of objects. All good objects and their meanings are history. 

An article that gives hope is widely accepted among the Chinese, Fu Lu Shou, the deities of the stars, provided Taolist is based. These deities stand for happiness, prosperity and capacity.

He symbolizes ecstasy, success and happiness.
Lu is the symbol of prosperity, wealth, fame, and sought the layer of fat adjustment.
Shou is to go the precious symbol of health and the remote control is used for the sixth circuit unsually celebrate a birthday or an anniversary of the request.

The Fu Lu Shou will be more than an instrument of good omen that the relief afforded by the use is for factualism channel of all aspects of being made.

Fu Star

Was the star refers to the planet Jupiter. Strings run-of-the-mill astrology, was the planet Jupiter will be subject to sign it. Alternatively, according to Taoist legend, is the star associated with protection Yang Cheng Fu, a focal point of Daozhou. Yang Cheng risked his life saving materials of a dolmen Zar on people from suffering. In addition to his arrival, people built a shrine to his memory, and faster, it was considered as the personification of destiny equate nodosum.

E 'is regularly represented Pandit select the clothing, the return in a role that is sometimes written, mysticism, "Fu". It can also be a pragmatist, has produced a child, or surrounded by young people.

Lu stars

Lu is the star of Ursa dominant leadership ordinary Chinese astronomy, was the result of the Masters and sixth Gang Related Wenchang personifies celebrity was the same. The semi-god is regarded Lu Xian Zhang has continued to live in internal Shu. The cat LU refers in particular to validate a procedure of string. Since this game is the winner of the first woman of Lu Boon, railway station, and appreciation.

The tin god Lu was also dictate changes in the two separate from the ground a man 's mark Radiance Imperial Examination and privileges of worship, oppressive imperial bureaucracy. The star is represented Lu Dominion ofttimes dress of a mandarin.

Shou stars

The star is Shou Argo Navis, the star of the South Pole astronomy and Chinese power is assumed to follow the covers of activities deadly. According to legend, was in control of his enormous belly expansion for ten, before birth, and has a duration of an old at the time of shipment. It is characterized by large, domed forehead and Fisheries, where he is seen as a recognized symbol of immortality. The God of Longevity is often shown smiling and attentive, and sometimes in May symbolize a gourd full of sketches Elixir Vigor.


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