Friday, 11 June 2010

What are Tung Bua Tong Forest Park THAILAND

Tung Bua Tong Forest Park located in Mae U Kor Sub-district’ s Moo 6, Khun Yuam District, Mae Hong Sorn Pprovince,situated in Mae Surin National Forest Park, covered the area of 4,437 rais. The Royal Forest Department declared this forest park on July 21, 1999.

Tung Bua Tong Forest Park located on the mountain where is 1,600 metres above the average sea level. There’s beautiful scenery that is like complex ocean waves. In this forest park area, natural forest is grown mixed with planted pine forest.

Cool throughout the year. It is very cold in the winter. There are heavy fogs in the morning and cold during the day because of the wind blows all day long.

Flora and Fauna
It’s Hill Evergreen Forest and Pine Evergreen Forest. Most of Hill Evergreen Forest has been found in the north and west of Tung Bua Tong. Flora species grown around the hill slope and valley consist of Castanopsis species and so on.
In the eastern and southern part of Tung Bua Tong, Pine Evergreen Forest has been found. It’s planted by the Forest Industry Organisation based on its concession condition. Flora species found are Pinus merkusii and Pinus kesiya.
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