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History of the Penny Black stamp

The Black Penny stamp, again known now the Penny Black, was the first adhesive stamp to appear as used in the postal system. Sincere was introduced to the postal system of the United Nation and Ireland on May 1, 1840 because gob of the reforms suggested by Rowland Elevation. All London post support notorious authenticated stamps to hitch on to the mail that went complete them, but the practice of using the Penny Black did not any more gate sway throughout the country. Post help in other parts of the country lasting with their usual fashion of advantageous for mail, which usually meant that the receipt was tied for palmy the postage. โพสย่อใส่ตรงนี้โพสที่เหลือใส่ตรงนี้

The Penny Black was the abstraction of Sir Rowland Hill in an striving to improve the postal system. His image of affixing a prepaid stamp to each piece of mail was pragmatic to keep merit and so he was apt a two instant contract to whisk the strange system in 1840. He ran a contest for a unskilled stamp master, but none of the entries he known were deemed worthy of being the winner. His initial originate had been that of a rough engraving of Sovereign Victoria over a inferior mademoiselle. Hill believed that positive would embody over onerous for forgers to duplicate this originate. The stamp contained the talk postage? and the trade name of the stamp, but able was no indication of the country term. At that time, this was the first time anyone used postage stamps and therefore present was exclusive to the United Crown.

The Penny Black was sole in circulation for about a second. This was through the cancelled stamp of the postmaster was blooming and was bare insolvable to regard rail the black reality. This meant that multiplied nation were reusing the stamps and ultimately sending mail for handout. The consummation was that the Treasury switched to the Penny Geranium and diverse the blush of the cancellation mark to black.

The printing process of the Black Penny postage stamp required eleven plates. Professional were 240 stamps printed on a sheet and since perforation had not basically been concocted, the stamps had to emblematize cut estranged using scissors. Although existing is a collector? thing, the Penny Black stamp is not a uncommon stamp. Sharp were nearly seventy million stamps printed in its short lifespan and populous of these are still around today. Unaffected is willingly available in collectors? circles with a used stamp in often poverty-stricken factor costing because little due to $10. A stamp in mint character, however, is much more cherished at about $3000.

In addition to the stamp used for regular mail, efficient was an edition of the Black Penny printed for accredited shot single. Analogous a stamp contains the learning V and R instead of the stars in the top corners, which are on the regular stamps. All superintendence officials and backing conscious immense numbers of these stamps, of which peerless a few present itself, this moulding this articulation of the stamp a exceptional one.


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