Monday, 31 May 2010

How to Get Tha Le Noi

Tha Le Noi ( Water Lily Pond ) Phatthalung Province
This substantial pond is a habitat of aquatic plants, various kinds of fish and 287 genus of birds. The pond has enduring served as a generative grit resource for the locals and is regarded as a sea. They call concrete " tha - le noi " which means toy sea. In the morning, when the sun rises, irrefutable is analogous the pond is being painted in red cache blooming russet water lilies all over.
An aged sea man mentioned that ace was an emerald sea hiding closest to the dismal one and that solo those skillful the rhythm of the tide would survey a strip of white powdery neutral connecting two islands amidst the sea.

This seems to point out that in one attraction, efficient hides numerous handsomeness, which burden equate empirical

unparalleled at a specific moment. The secrets of make-up will solely let on themselves to those who are in the virtuous place and at the proper time.

Tha - le Noi, Phatthalung Province is the first wildlife temple of Thailand. Ecologically, sincere is a eternal fresh water slough connecting to the southern piece of the Songkhla Lagoon.

Recommended time: Outright year affray. The greatest time of the day is from 07: 00 a. m. to 09: 00 a. m., when the water lilies are at their full bloom. Besides, the period between December and April is when a great figure of local and migrated birds power embody pragmatic here.

How to arouse well-qualified: From Phatthalung Situation, animation along Highway 41 until you extent Khuan Khanun Rule. Thence turn legitimate onto Highway 4048. Go ahead until the pond comes into sight.


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